What is Third Party Logistics in India?

3PL or third-party logistics as you might know it as; is a way through which eCommerce businesses outsource some of their tasks. Mainly because of the increase in customer base, new locations, to update their manufacturing process, and other factors. Therefore, it is considered a better choice to outsource some tasks to third-party service providers. […]

What is the Importance of Packaging in eCommerce?

Importance of Packaging in eCommerce

Importance of packaging in eCommerce is often underestimated by online sellers. Up until now, packaging was just about wrapping the product, putting it in a box, pasting the labels and delivering it. But now, eCommerce sellers are looking beyond corrugated boxes and new regulations have brought in new packaging requirements.  In short, good packaging ensures […]

E-Commerce Packaging Ideas Your Customers will Love

For a customer, receiving a package from the online retailer is supposed to be a wonderful experience. It is like receiving a gift one bought for oneself some time ago. Although it is probably the most heartwarming part of abusiness, it is here that most online retailers face an extremely tough test – to humanize the business […]

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