Browntape Attains Recognition in Amazon’s India Partner Acceleration Program

Browntape, a Ginesys One product, has accomplished a noteworthy achievement by attaining the esteemed “Achiever” category in Amazon’s India Partner Acceleration Program for the second quarter of 2023. This acknowledgment underscores Browntape’s exceptional performance and outcomes, further establishing its position as a prominent player in the digital landscape.  

With its accreditation as an Amazon partner, Browntape showcases a wealth of knowledge in navigating the intricacies of these platforms. This proficiency empowers them to meticulously design and execute customized, high-impact managed service strategies. The seasoned professionals on their team follow a data-driven methodology, harnessing cutting-edge analytics to meticulously refine campaigns and yield substantial, results-oriented outcomes.

At Ginesys One, we are looking to streamline all online and offline operations for a retailer. In this endeavour, we had launched the managed services division of Browntape that helps clients with their e-commerce store development and also helps promote and manage the brand on marketplaces. As position or rank and organic and inorganic performance is critical to success on the marketplace we have put sizeable efforts on this area. As a result, many of our portfolio customers are enjoying healthy topline growth and good ROAS on Amazon. This award is a testimony to that. We thank Amazon India for the award.” – Piyush Goel, Head, Browntape (A Ginesys One product).

Being acknowledged as an “Achiever” in Amazon’s program signifies more than just a milestone; it stands as proof of our capacity to continually adapt, innovate, and consistently deliver excellence. In a continuously evolving digital terrain, Browntape maintains its leading position, guiding businesses through the dynamic currents with unwavering confidence and a track record of success.