1. What is Brand Infringement
    2. Marketplace Infringement Policy
    3. Infringement Policy Violation
    4. How to file Infringement
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1. Brand Infringement

1.1 What is Infringement ?

1.2 Types of Infringement

2. Marketplace Infringement Policy

Marketplaces follow an infringement policy against reports when the appropriate owner of the brand complains about other sellers misusing their brand name. Thanks to online tools, brands can now discover potential intellectual property infringement of competitors and enforce exclusive rights to their products and brand name. All violations are highlighted via infringement form for the marketplace to take the right action.

2.1 Anti-Counterfeiting Policy:

2.2 Intellectual Property Policy:

3. Infringement Policy Violation

Maintaining a trusted marketplace for buyers and sellers is the top priority for all E-Commerce Platforms. Marketplaces are constantly innovating on behalf of their  customers to improve the services offered and the ways to monitor the marketplace.

When a policy violation has been identified, an appropriate immediate action is taken which may include suspending or terminating online-selling privileges and/or blacklisting of the selling-account.

Moreover, use of any illegal materials on online platforms will be in violation of the Terms and Conditions of the marketplace in which the seller is liable to face a legal action.

4. How to file an Infringement

See the process in the slideshow above to see how to file the infringement for:

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